Who we are

We're the best cryptocurrency on the block inspired by the work of the great Charles Ponzi! We firmly believe that his tried-and-true scheme will see incredible success in the decentralized and unregulated markets, and we're here to share our great successes with you!

Latest News

We've successfully forked from Bitconnect classic! Using our new inverse-pyramid algorithm we've created a brand new technology allowing our investors to get greater and greater returns with ever person who uses their referral code! See our updated whitepaper for more details.

Previous Announcements

As of this announement the convention is still cleared to go ahead! Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing, as we will be operating at 150% normal building capacity due to the pandemic. If you forget a mask, complementary ones may be aquired when you purchase a minimum of 0.5btc of our newly announced NFTs.

We hope to see you all there!
- the Bitconnect development team